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Water-soluble non-stick coating based on aluminum oxide (corundum).

Packaging Buckets 23 lt
Barrels 200 lt
Steel containers 1.
150 lt
Appearance Thixotropic cream-liquid of green color
Manufacturer Italy
Packaging Buckets 23 lt
Barrels 200 lt
Steel containers 1,150 lt
Price Contractable
Delivery New mail, Delivery,

SAT and auto delivery

Physico-chemical properties Specific weight at 20°C kg/l – 1.80-2.20
Solids content 72±2%


It is used for painting forms and rods in the production of steel and thick-walled cast iron castings.
HYDROLAC ST 08 is a thixotropic coating, so even when applied vertically, there are no streaks, no sedimentation.
Before use, the diluted product must be thoroughly mixed, mixing with the addition of 5% water.

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