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Astil M LLC is the exclusive representative in Ukraine of materials for foundry production of the brands Mazzon, Foundry Ecocer, Jodovit chemical group, Protec- fond and Veneta mineraria .

Our Italian partners specialize in the production and sale of high quality chemical components for the foundry industry worldwide!
ASTIL M always meets the highest quality criteria:

– We demand from our suppliers to provide high quality products at the best price.

– Our company has a constant stock of products in warehouses in Kharkiv and Lviv.

– We sell only certified products that are of impeccable quality.

– Astil M Ltd. helps to ensure the smooth operation of your production.


How to ensure high-quality and economical casting of non-ferrous metals?

The experience of ASTIL M has shown that this is possible if you use the flux FOUNDRY ECOCER.
Some foundries use outdated materials and techniques and do not have the expected results.
Introduction of use of fluxes of additives for processing of aluminum in rotary furnaces from ASTIL M will allow:

– Improve the quality of the metal with improved refining properties. The metal becomes cleaner, free of non-metallic impurities.

The use of flux helps to keep the walls of the furnace clean and prevents the oxides from sticking to the lining.
– Reduce salt consumption to 10-15%
– To increase the stability of melting according to the forecast of metallurgical yield.
– Accelerate the melting rate of scrap. Acceleration of the smelting cycle up to 20%, which leads to energy savings and increased productivity.


Friends, ASTIL M is getting closer!

Now we are in social networks!
Here we will share knowledge and experience in the field of foundry production and industrial chemistry.
We want you to be confident in the high quality of our products,
professionalism of the team and the dynamic growth of our company.

• Today ASTIL M is a leading supplier of European materials for foundry production in Ukraine from well-known global manufacturers Mazzon, Foundry Ecocer, Jodovit chemical group, Protec-fond and Veneta mineraria;

• high-quality chemistry of multidisciplinary application;
• the best refractory materials.

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