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Furan resin CESAFUR 2017

Liquid resin for the No-Bake Furan process with low odor for both molding and metal casting. It is characterized by a high content of furfuryl alcohol and high strength characteristics, has increased reaction characteristics, while maintaining good plasticity during edging.

The resin does not contain nitrogen and water, so it is excellent for making steel castings.

Packaging Metal barrels 200 l
Plastic containers 1,000 l
Appearance A dark amber-colored viscous liquid
Manufacturer Italy
Packaging Metal barrels 200 l
Plastic containers 1,000 l
Price Negotiable
Delivery New mail, Delivery, SAT and auto delivery
Physico-chemical properties Specific weight at 20°C kg/l 1.12-1.18
Viscosity at 20° Din/4, sec. 10-20



The resin is used together with acid catalysts brands HARDENER CA,

hardening time is possible from 10 to 120 minutes depending on the used catalyst (see technical sheets for catalysts).

Recommended dosage and mixing sequence:
1) Dry clean sand – 100%
2) Catalyst – from 30% to 70% of resin weight
3) CESAFUR 2017 resin – from 0,
7% to 1.2% of the weight of sand

Note: for fast hardening or for the winter season, it is necessary to select hardeners with high reactivity. It is used for the production of rods and forms in the production of castings from steel, gray and high-strength cast iron.

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