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Clean iron flux

Flux for the refining of gray cast iron and nodular cast iron.

Packaging 25 kg paper bags
Appearance Light gray powder
Manufacturer Italy
Packaging 25 kg paper bags
Price Negotiable
Physical and chemical



Flux can be used both in ladles and in induction furnaces.

When using a flux in a ladle for refining, immediately before draining the metal into the ladle, pour 0.1-0.2% of the flux from the weight of the metal onto the bottom of the ladle, and pour the metal from the furnace into the ladle, remove the resulting slag and start pouring into molds.
To protect a new ladle or a repaired one, it is necessary to pour 0.5% flux into the bottom of the ladle and pour metal, this operation gives glazing on the ladle and increases its wear resistance.

When used in induction furnaces, the flux is loaded into the furnace with scrap at a rate of 0.05-0.2% of the weight of the metal load.
After the metal has reached the required temperature, turn off the furnace, slag particles will rise to the surface. The slag must be removed and work on your technical process can continue.

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