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Propylene glycol

Name PROPYLENE GLYCOL, propane – 1,2 – diol, propanediol 1,2
Chemical formula С3 Н8 О2
Packing 10 kg
Minimum order quantity 10 kg
Appearance Viscous liquid, non-toxic, transparent, has a sweetish aftertaste
Physicochemical properties Boiling temperature +187 °С
Pour point -60 °С
Auto ignition temperature -420 °C



• Pharmaceutical industry – humectant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action
• Food industry – in the confectionery industry, in beverages, in fruit freezing
• In the tobacco industry
• In the automotive and aviation industries – for the production of brake fluids, coolants and antifreeze
• In the oil and gas;
• In agriculture and livestock – to improve the quality of feed, to increase the shelf life of crops, as a sedative in veterinary medicine in the chemical industry – as a solvent for paints, in the production of polymers, in the manufacture of plastics, alkyd resins, polyurethanes
• In medicine – a filler in medicines, a moisturizer in external medicines and ointments, in the manufacture of lubricants, as a bactericidal agent
• In perfumery and cosmetology – for softening and moisturizing the skin, in the manufacture of shampoos, creams, lotions, emulsions, toothpastes, soaps, lipsticks, wet wipes, essential oils, etc.

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