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Name Monoethanolamine
Chemical formula Н2NOH
Packing Metal barrels 200kg barrels 50l canisters 10l
Minimum order quantity canisters 10l
Appearance Colorless transparent or yellowish liquid
Manufacturer Ukraine
Physicochemical properties Density at 20° С, g/cm3 1,010-1,035
Mass fraction of ethanolamine,%, not less 97,0 – 99,3



• as absorbents of “acid gases" during the cleaning of products at the enterprises of the oil refining, chemical and gas industry
• as a raw material for the production of emulsifiers, dispersants and in the process of synthesizing detergents
• in pharmacy, monoethanolamine is used as an emulsion stabilizer
• in agriculture it is used in the creation of herbicides
• Cosmetology for the manufacture of cosmetics.

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